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Artistic Passion

This year was extremely strong for the UC Academy of the Arts. We just finished our 2nd year, including classes offered in K–8th grades. In addition to weekly classes, we produced several school-wide performances, including the all-school Celebrate Christmas concert, the junior high musical “School House Rock Live,” the K-5th Spring Program with a special performance of the musical “Jonah’s Druthers,” and the 6th–12th Spring Concert. These performances featured the following groups:


Celebrate Christmas 2015

In addition to our on-campus events, our Junior High Choir performed at Knott’s Berry Farm and was a big hit at the park. Our High school singing groups, Beyond the Cross and High School Choir, went on a 3-day choir tour, including choir festivals and vocal recording workshops at Disneyland. We ended our year with the performance of the National Anthem at a Quakes game, which included performers from all grade levels.

As we look ahead for next year, we are excited for the opportunity to add Arts Academy “Power Hour” classes for the 9th–12th grades as well.


“Within our Academy of the Arts program, we have so many talents and gifts that are demonstrated by students and teachers. The diversity among our students has been wonderfully represented by the performances throughout the year. Each area is excellent; however, when we blend all of the forms of art into a program or performance, we can see how the many parts of our ‘student body’ and the UC Academy family come together to create something truly spectacular.”

– Joy Albayati (Director of Visual and Performing Arts) 

Joy Albayati

“A lot of us were a part of the Heritage Retirement Center group for the community service day. For this specific job, none of us took music with us. Although we were thoroughly unprepared, a few of us from BTC took it upon ourselves to help entertain and we sang a couple songs from our selection– completely unplugged! We were just winging it. And it was awesome because it showed us in our most raw state and talent and many were blessed that day.”

– Emily Barnes (11th)

Emily Barnes