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International Mission

One of the most rewarding aspects of our ministry is seeing God transform lives. Eleven of our Chinese students were baptized on April 11th, 2016. It is astounding to think that these students knew nothing about Christ prior to coming to our school, and one or two years later they are professing faith and making commitments to follow Christ! We hope the video below will encourage you and remind you of how God is always at work on our campus to change lives.


“I learned a lot in Upland Christian Academy. I love this school and every teacher and student. It has helped me prepare for my future in such a way: I dream of becoming a computer engineer. This job requires me to have enough creativity and sense of team consciousness. At Upland Christian Academy, our teachers often gave us manual work to improve our creativity and many team works to inspire our team consciousness.”

– Zachary Zeyu Bai (Class of 2016)

Zachary Zeyu Bai

“The International Student Program at Upland Christian Academy is a blessing in our daily life. It reflects God’s Kingdom with people from different places speaking different languages. It not only adds diversity to our campus but also provides opportunity to experience other cultures and share Gospel with people from other nations. With more and more prayers and activities, we see integration little by little between Americans and internationals. We communicate and interact with each other regardless of what we speak and where we are from. God continues to exercise and shape our patience, understanding, and forgiveness with His abundant love and grace. We are developing a global worldview and setting a Christ-like example for our next generation because we embrace our international guests with open mind and arms. It is beautiful and overwhelming to witness people accept one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. I am humbled and grateful to serve His family at UC Academy!”

– Jacqueline Wolf (ISP/HS Teacher)

Jacqui Wolf