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STEM Knowledge

The STEM Academy launched in October of 2015 for 1st through 12th grades as once a week after school program. We partnered with STEM Center USA for exciting “learn-by-doing” curriculum that combines robotics with science, technology/programming, engineering, and math.


For our first year, we offered the following four classes:

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The STEM Academy will be undergoing some exciting changes for year two. The high school level “Pi-Bot Robotics” class will now be offered once a week as an in school elective. In addition, we will be offering a computer programming class for high students as well. For elementary and junior high, we hope to offer a level II of each course to continue to challenge our students. Application information for the 2016-2017 school year will be sent home at the start of the school year.

[From left to right] Seth Morris (4th) and Jalen Ables (5th) at the Roboreka Competition in May 2016
[From left to right] Seth Morris (4th) and Jalen Ables (5th) at the Roboreka Competition in May 2016

“What a year of exploring our STEM students had! William Edward Hickson said ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.’ So many of our students had to use team work to overcome challenges with their projects. Jalen Ables and Seth Morris are a perfect example of this as they were faced with an unknown challenge at the Roboreka competition in May. They spent at least an hour programming their EV3 robot over and over again trying to conqueror the obstacle course maze. Most students gave up, but not these boys! Finally, after dedicating the majority of their time problem solving, they successfully completed the obstacle course maze! Their team work and ‘can do’ attitudes won them 1st place in the obstacle course competition!”

– Shanna Fuentes (STEM Academy Coordinator)

Shanna Fuentes