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Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission:

To educate students by integrating academic excellence with a Christian worldview, equipping them to impact their world for Christ.

Our Vision:

UC Academy shall be a reflection of God’s excellence in school instruction and operation.

Our Core Values:


  • Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
  • Christ is the image of the invisible God…all things were created by him and for him…He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.
  • We purpose to know Christ and to become like Him.
  • We seek Christ’s pre-eminence in all things.

Academic Excellence

  • Our teaching is in harmony with Scripture.
  • We prepare students for college, career, life, and eternity.
  • Our education meets or exceeds State/National standards.
  • We use proven, effective teaching methods.
  • Our students perform at their full potential.

Loving Community

  • We love one another as Christ first loved us.
  • We delight in God’s grace, extend it to others, and foster its growth.
  • We practice accountability and uphold one another to high standards.
  • Our students are committed to building community and serving others.

Transformational Learning

  • Productive life changes (transformation) is the goal of our education.
  • We seek growth of the whole person: mental, spiritual, physical, and social.
  • We cultivate joyful, respectful obedience in students.
  • We help students discover their life’s purpose and equip them to fulfill it with excellence.