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Junior High


Welcome to the world of Junior High! I have been in Christian education since 1974, and I have worked with junior high students all but five of those years. God called me into this path of His ministry knowing that I have a passion to work with this unique section of the student body.

Our desire is to challenge our students to grow academically, physically, and spiritually. When students arrive in 6th grade, many have a tough time with changing classes, changing into PE clothes, or even operating a combination lock. We ease them into these challenges and help them grow past the daily issues facing young people. Every year, we raise the bar as we strive for academic excellence for each student. Once the student arrives in 8th grade, our focus turns to high school. We work to ensure that students are not only ready but will flourish in high school.

In addition to academics, we counsel students about making the transition from childhood to adulthood, encouraging them to take on more responsibilities for their studies and their choices. Each of our teachers works to develop strong relationships with our students, getting to know them and their families. We encourage our students to grow their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to learn more about their role in His kingdom. We infuse a Biblical worldview into all of our classes whether it is science, history, English or math. We want our students to see God at work in each facet of their lives.

The junior high years are a time of expanding horizons, and our field trips reflect that philosophy. Our sixth graders travel to the San Bernardino Mountains to discover what God has done in this ecological biome: an earth science trip with a good amount of team building thrown in. Our seventh graders travel to Catalina Island to enjoy a marine science camp; hiking, kayaking and snorkeling are some highlights of this trip. The 8th grade students travel to Washington, D.C., to discover firsthand the amazing country we live in and how it is governed. They also visit Williamsburg to learn about the foundation of America and Gettysburg to get a better grasp of the Civil War.

We have a close group of students who enjoy being with each other. If this sounds like something you would like for your junior high student, please contact the school office. I would love to meet you and give you a tour of our school!

Many blessings,

Jim Keen
Junior High Principal
Upland Christian Academy