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Microsoft Certification Program


Why Microsoft Office Certifications?

Microsoft Office is the foundation of business technology. With over 1.2 billion users Microsoft Office is used throughout the globe and remains the #1 platform for business. By equipping UC Academy students with curriculum, testing, and certification it will prepare our students for a technologically driven future.

What is the Value of a Microsoft Office Specialist certification?

This program will give our students a great advantage as they move into college and ultimately the workforce. In high-growth industries, entry-level employees who hold a Microsoft Office Specialist certification can earn up to $16,000 more, annually, than their peers.

In addition, once certified, students may earn college credit pending on the Universities policies.

What should my child expect?

The good news is that if your child has been in our school for more than a few years it’s likely that they have already been exposed to many of the learning objectives that are required to pass the exam. In their assignments, students will see specific requirements that enable them to demonstrate various functions of Microsoft Word. Our partner in this venture, Tech Cleanup, will provide online based training which not only supports our students but our teachers as well, to ensure simple and complete understanding.

Once they are ready for the certification exam students will be provided with a practice assessment to ensure they are ready to pass the exam. After successful completion of the practice assessment, they will take the assessment in our schools Microsoft testing center.

Is getting certification required?

Obtaining certification is not required, however with as much value as these certifications provide we hope that all students in grades 6-12 will do their best to become certified!

Will this Require Extra Time of My Child?

Due to the Microsoft Certification content being embedded into the classroom assignments, time spent outside of the classroom or assignment expectations is up to the student and parent.

How can I help my child?

You can help your child by encouraging them as they pursue certification. In addition, review and assist them with the materials provided within the Tech Cleanup Academy web-based learning system. This system is provided to our students at no cost and will play a key role in getting your student prepared to pass the exam.

This sounds great, but what will it cost?

No costs will be added to the upcoming school year.

How long is a Microsoft Certification good for?

Once a Microsoft certification is earned that certification is registered with Microsoft and stays as part of the student’s record forever. Microsoft may release future versions of the certification tests, which students can take to further their certification portfolio.