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Field Trips

Upland Christian enhances classroom learning through some significant field trips. In fourth and fifth grades, students go on long-distance field trips to San Diego and Northern California in support of their science and social studies curriculum. Our sixth graders travel to the San Bernardino Mountains to discover what God has done in this ecological biome: an earth science trip with a good amount of team building thrown in. Our seventh graders travel to Catalina Island to enjoy a marine science camp; hiking, kayaking and snorkeling are some highlights of this trip. The 8th grade students travel to Washington D.C. to discover firsthand the amazing country we live in and how it is governed. They also visit Williamsburg to learn about the foundation of America and Gettysburg to get a better grasp of the Civil War.

High school has several other annual trips that help enhance our curriculum.

    • Choir Tour – every year our Concert Choir goes on a 9-day trip to different parts of the country. They sing at various churches and schools, and look for community service opportunities along the route. During Tour, the rest of the school has an Interim Week, with a special emphasis on enhancing student learning in the arts and local community service opportunities as well.
    • Utah/Berkeley – Upper class students apply to go on these trips, which require months of training prior to departure. The emphasis is on apologetics and theology, whereby students learn to share their faith and beliefs in a natural way and build relationships with people outside of their faith.
    • Mexicali – The UC Academy Spanish Department partners with Azusa Pacific University to send a group of our students to minister to local churches in Mexicali. They work on building relationships with the local community, assisth with church maintenance, and minister to children.
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