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What's Your Calling?

Want to hear about the many exciting ways our students are being CALLED to live for Jesus?! This spring, UC Academy is featuring one student each week by sharing a bit about their unique calling and how UC Academy is preparing them to fulfill their life’s purpose. There’s nothing more encouraging than reflecting on all that God is doing in and through our students each and every day! Be on the lookout for new student stories every Tuesday.

What’s YOUR calling? Email us at [email protected]y.org to share with us what God’s called YOU to, and for the chance to be featured in one of our student stories!


Josh is passionate about basketball and math! He hopes to one day be a professional basketball player or a math teacher. He loves everything about basketball, from the game itself, to bonding with his teammates. He has always loved math and learning new concepts in class. UC Academy has helped equip Josh with the tools to become a better basketball player and mathematician. His teachers and coaches have displayed passion for their jobs that has inspired passion in him to pursue his dreams as well. He loves the way his teachers connect with the students and invest in their future. UC Academy is continually preparing Josh to be the basketball playing mathematician he wants to be!

Calling Photo Josh Burr


Chloe LOVES singing and helping others. She likes the idea of becoming a nurse so that she can fulfill the passion she has for helping people. She also feels called to be a singer. She believes that Upland Christian has helped her prepare for her calling by teaching her how to properly use her gift of singing in choir and how to allow God to plan her future.

Calling Chloe


Salim is passionate about reading, animals, and helping others. He believes that God has called him to follow his passion of helping others. He feels that UC Academy helps him to follow this calling by presenting him with opportunities to help people in his classes. Salim also has a love for animals and hopes to combine this with his helpful heart to become a vet when he grows up.

Salim Calling


Ryan is passionate about kids and takes to heart the example she sets for those present on campus. She hopes to one day be an elementary school teacher at a Christian school, and provide a similar experience to her time at UC Academy. At UC Academy, she has been blessed by the influence of teachers and faculty who have been spiritual leaders in her life have inspired a passion in her to lead others. Ryan is excited to someday pass on the spiritual and academic knowledge she has gained at UC Academy.

Ryan Calling


Nolan’s biggest passion in life is playing basketball. Nolan likes that basketball is a fast sport. Everyone is running really fast and having fun. Nolan plays on a city league and enjoys making friends. He has been playing for six years. When Nolan grows up, he wants to be a brain surgeon. Ever since he was five, he was interested in this profession. Nolan is looking forward to learning life science that will equip him for his future.

Nolan (4th)


Whitney is deeply passionate about psychology and music. After high school, she plans to major in psychology and minor in music. Whitney feels called to help people either through teaching them music or helping them to get better. She feels UC Academy has really helped her prepare for this calling by providing many opportunities to gain the experience and training she needs to grow. UC Academy offers classes like AP Psych and BTC, which have allowed her to get involved and improve her knowledge and skill in these areas.

Whitney (12th)

Matthew (11th Grade)

Matthew is passionate about writing books, screenwriting, and journalism. He believes he is called to communicate with others through his writing and feels that writing is such a great way to connect with people all over the world. He is grateful that Upland Christian Academy has given him personal connections with students and teachers who want to help him achieve his dreams!

Calling Photo Matthew

Sienna (5th Grade)

Sienna loves animals and wants to be a veterinarian. Her favorite animal is a horse because they are such beautiful and unique creatures. She loves to read and her favorite story she has read in class is about cougars. Reading books in class has helped her to learn about animals and has helped her to love animals even more. She can’t wait to continue learning about different animals as she goes into junior high!

Calling Photo Sienna