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Scrip Program

You can earn money to pay for school expenses by purchasing gift cards (scrip) through UC Academy. It’s that simple!

Scrip is an optional program that UC Academy offers to our school families to help offset eligible school expenses such as:

Choir Fees
Parking permits
Sports spirit pack
P.E. uniforms
Servanthood hours
Registration fee
Drama fees
Field trips

How do I earn free money?

The purchase of scrip does not require any additional costs or fees. All you need to do is buy scrip (gift cards) for the things you are currently buying (food, clothing, toys, gifts, gasoline and other everyday essentials) through UC Academy. A portion of your hard-earned money will be returned to you in the way of a credit to your family’s scrip account. Just by making most of your daily purchases through scrip, you can earn enough money to pay for many eligible school expenses. Earn extra credit by having your family and friends purchase scrip through UC Academy and the credit they earn will automatically be applied to your account.

Scrip profits are split between UC Academy and enrolled school families. UC Academy families will earn 60% and UC Academy will earn 40%. Once your scrip account reaches a balance of $25, money can be transferred to your school account to pay for the various school expenses noted above. The minimum amount you can transfer is $25. How do I purchase scrip?

There are several convenient ways you can order scrip:

  • ShopWithScrip.com – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
    Note: percentages shown are split 60% to the UC Academy Family and 40% to UC Academy
  • E-mail ([email protected])
  • UC Academy FAX (909) 204-4555
  • Marissa Tooley – (909) 758-8747, ext. 789 or (909) 581-7789
  • Order forms – available in the school office

All scrip orders must be prepaid with a check or cash. If you place your order online at ShopWithScrip. com, you will have the option of using PrestoPay to pay for the order (with a $.15 convenience fee) or submitting a check to the UC Academy office. PrestoPay uses the safe, reliable NACHA electronic fund transfer system.

Deadlines for orders

Orders for scrip will be placed once each week. All scrip orders and payments must be received by Marissa Tooley in the UC Academy office before 8:00am on Tuesday. Orders will be available for pick up in the UC Academy office from Marissa Tooley after 8:00am on Friday of that week. Orders received after 8:00am on Tuesday will not be placed until the following week.

What is my credit account balance and how do I use scrip credit to pay for school expenses?

To obtain the balance for your scrip account, please contact Marissa Tooley. Once your scrip account reaches a balance of $20, money can be transferred to your school account to pay for eligible expenses. To pay for school expenses you need to submit a UC Academy Scrip Credit Redemption Form to Marissa Tooley in the school office. The UC Academy Scrip Credit Redemption Form must be turned in one week prior to the due date.

How do I get credit for purchases made by family and friends

Once your family and/or friends have established an account at ShopWithScrip.com, they need to contact Marissa Tooley to have their account updated so that their credits will automatically be transferred to your account.


  • Please treat your gift cards like cash as they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  • Please order carefully – gift cards cannot be returned.
  • If you mail your scrip order form and check to UC Academy, make sure you allow time for mail delivery, including weekends and holidays.
  • All scrip orders must be picked up in the school office. The only students permitted to pick up orders will be high school students.
  • If we receive a NSF from the bank for your check, you will be responsible for the $35 NSF fee, and will need to pay UC Academy in cash for your scrip order prior to obtaining the order.
  • Please note that the scrip credit you earn is not transferable to another UC Academy family.
  • Scrip credit is not redeemable at anytime for cash.
  • If a family withdraws their children from UC Academy, the credit left in its account will be transferred into the school’s general account.

If you would like further information or have any questions, please contact Marissa Tooley at (909) 758-8747, ext. 789 or (909) 581-7789.