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International Student Program

UC Academy is pleased to host and educate international students from around the world. The goal of our International Student Program is to provide an excellent American education, integrated with a Christian worldview. UC Academy accepts international students entering K through 12th grade in a total immersion approach. UC Academy also hosts pre-scheduled short term visiting groups throughout the year.

UC Academy offers these advantages to enrolled international students:

    • Limited Enrollment: To maintain an authentic American school environment, UC Academy limits international students to a properly low percentage of the total student population. The overall goal of UC Academy’s International Student Program is “total immersion”. Students are expected to speak English at school and make successful academic progress in order to stay in the program. At the school’s sole discretion, some students may be placed in smaller classes with intensified teacher’s attention and more “English Help” in order to enhance his/her language acquisition opportunity.  Prudent arrangements of every student’s Course Plan into a workable overall schedule will result in a blending of classes and grades with natural international concentration fluctuation in different sessions and rooms. The ISP Academic Director may also require a student to obtain additional tutoring or other academic help.
    • College Preparatory: UC Academy offers a college-preparatory curriculum. We are very competitive in preparing students to enter and succeed in the college most suitable to each individual student. A comprehensive offering of athletic and co-curricular activities permits students to develop their personal talents and leadership skills to enhance their college resume. The International Student Program also provides tutoring, SAT/ACT preparation, and assistance with the US college admission process.
    • American Homestay: Instead of a dorm setting, international students can live with American Christian families! Most of these families have children the same age and attend the same school as the international student. The homestay provides a healthy, supportive environment for students. Students will be individually matched to host families who have undergone a background check, interview, and carefully screened for compatibility. The school provides orientation and on-going advocacy to host families and international students to ensure a successful experience.
    • Family Atmosphere: Our school maintains a friendly, family atmosphere, and international students are welcomed and loved as family members. This makes our school a wonderful environment for learning, growing, and associating with people.

 Click here to download the ISP Program Overview 2018-2019. 

Click here to download the ISP Program Fees & Policy 2018-2019.

You can learn more about the International Student Program in addition to tuition rates, policy, and procedure for admission by contacting our ISP Department at [email protected]