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Tuition Grants

Pastors & Ministers Discounts:
UC Academy offers a 40% tuition discount for full-time pastors/ministers.  Part-time pastors/ministers may qualify on a pro-rated basis. Qualified applicants should include the Pastor-Minister Employment Verification form with their application for enrollment. Click the link below to download.

Tuition Grants:

UC Academy is pleased to provide tuition grants to families with demonstrated financial needs. Families should submit an application for enrollment with the school first before applying for tuition grants. Only families accepted for enrollment will qualify for tuition grants. Apply online at FACTS Management.

To receive the best consideration, families should apply as early as possible. The deadlines for tuition grant applications are March 15th and April 20th. Families applying after April 20th should notify the school’s finance manager Irene Villalobos ([email protected]). Late applications will be considered if grants are still available.

The Tuition Grants Committee will review fully-completed applications after each deadline. Applicants will be notified shortly after the Committee’s decision. Grant amounts will be based on the level of the family’s financial needs, the amount of grants available, and the number of applicants.

Families must keep their school accounts current in order to qualify for and/or to continue receiving tuition discounts/grants. Accounts delinquent more than 30 days will result in loss of discounts or grants.