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Visual Arts

The visual arts department at Upland Christian Academy uses the book of Genesis chapter one as a key element. In this passage God creates all things in our universe with such beauty, passion and desire that He sat back and viewed it as very good. Seeing God as the ultimate creator and ultimate critic, we can use this as the foundation in our creation and reflection process, as we are also created in His image. As the students create and reflect, we are able to glorify God in all of our visual compositions.

In junior high, students are introduced to the arts through an elective course called Crafty Art. Students learn some of the very basic art concepts such as line, space, and texture. They also are introduced to the art of sewing as they sew adorable bean bag frogs. Finally, the students combine writing with puppetry as they create a retelling of a fairy tale and design puppets to act out their script.