UC Academy Junior, Kelle Fiske, chosen as Varsity It Girl 2014

Varsity cheerleader Kelle Fiske (11th) was chosen by United Spirit Association as a 2014-2015 “Varsity It Girl.”

There are 24 cheerleaders chosen each year from the West Coast to be a part of this internship program which includes meeting monthly with the team, and discussing new products and programs relating to cheer. The “IT” in the organization’s name stands for Intelligence Team and the “It” Girls are chosen based on their leadership experience, communication skills, and a GPA of at least 3.5. Not only will this experience be helpful in continuing to build the cheerleading program at UC Academy, but this internship will give Kelle great leadership and marketing experience for her future!

More information about the internship can be found at: http://www.americaneedscheerleaders.com/life-beyond-cheer/the-varsity-intelligence-team.html